“Joining 3-Step Kicking was one of the most beneficial things I have done for both my game and body. Danny showed that he was deeply passionate about bringing out the maximum potential in myself by providing in-depth construction of weekly workout plans. The 3-month training program was rigorous, however the results were fantastic as I was able to add more mass, flexibility, and faster twitch muscles to my body. This essentially played a large role in my overall success this season and moving forward. As for the virtual training program, I believed I was at the top of my game, however, Danny pointed out and broke down some of my weaker aspects and strengthened them from the ground up. Overall, I was very happy to work with 3-Step Kicking as the results were seen on and off the field.”

Ryan Lambert, Kicker/Punter
Mount Allison University, Canada

“Danny, outstanding job with our freshman kicker this year.  Thanks for showing him the way.  I really appreciate all your hard work with him this year!  Thanks for being on staff!”

Chad Braun
Monmouth College Head Football Coach

“Can’t begin to tell you how glad I am, Danny, that you are here to coach Joey.  The help you give him as a freshman is invaluable.  Kicking can be a lonely and very mental position.  You share in this recognition.”

Rick Biel (Father of Joey Biel, Monmouth College Kicker)
on being named “Midwest Conference Special Teams Player of The Week”

“Couldn’t even begin to think where I would be without your help, Danny.  I improved my performance dramatically in the very first session, as a sophomore in high school.  You helped me get to where I am today, playing at the college level, and even getting better as time progresses.  I have become much more accurate on field goals and more consistent on my kickoffs.  Thanks for all your help on improving my game and my determination as a player.  I also have you to thank for helping me become Carthage College Freshman Special Teams Player of the Year!  Thanks for everything!”

Nick Candre
Carthage College Kicker/Punter

“My Freshman year kicking at Monmouth College would have been dramatically different if it were not for Danny. His knowledge of the position is extremely impressive. He gave me the tools to be extremely consistent. As well as the mental side of the game, which is often overlooked by most coaches. He always communicated clearly and efficiently. It was honestly a blast learning from him. His coaching helped me earn Monmouth College Special Teams Player of the Year. I’m so thankful I had him as a coach playing my first year of college football.”

Joey Biel
Monmouth College Kicker

“I met Danny my junior year of high school and he helped my kicking tremendously. I was self-taught and my longest field goal was only 35 yards. By the end of our very first session I had made a 40 yarder. Just two hours working on form with Danny added 5 yards to my field goals. He is an amazing coach and person. He also helped my kick offs, I was barely making it to the 20-yard line and now I kick inside the 10. I would not be where I am without Danny, he improved my confidence in my kicking so much and now I am kicking at the collegiate level. None of my progress would have ever happened without Danny. I am blessed to have such a great coach.”

Jason Brubaker
Aurora University Kicker

“Where do I even start. We come from a super small and rural town. My son wanted, or should I say needed, to learn how to kick as our football team did not have a kicker and he was the closest thing as he had played soccer for years. We had no help locally for camps or a kicking coach. We were given Danny’s name by a fellow teammate of his. Danny was more than willing to work with Jason on a 1-on-1 basis. We drove the 2 hours to meet with Danny for our first session, and I knew instantly I made the right decision for my son. Danny has the talent and insight to help develop kickers. He was able to break down each step with my son and correct what needed to be corrected. We met with him on many occasions over the past 3 years. My son lacked confidence and was very hard on himself. Danny not only teaches kicking skills, form, and techniques but he builds a relationship with these young men. He has been there as a mentor, confidant, and friend for Jason. Jason is thrilled to share his accomplishments with Danny from being named special teams player of the year his junior year of high school to his first extra point as a kicker at Aurora University. My son has learned so much from Danny on and off the field and has made a lifelong friend. If Jason had not worked with Danny, college football at any level would never have been something he would have pursued. My son has started to pass down what he has learned and been taught by Danny to young men in our community. I cannot say enough about the knowledge and true genuine love of kicking Danny has and shares with so many.”

Jennifer Brubaker
(Mother of Jason Brubaker, Aurora University Kicker)

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