Custom Workout Programs for Kickers and Punters

Custom Workout Programs for Kickers and Punters



A custom program designed specifically for you. You will be provided with a detailed video explaining how to conduct a self-evaluation of your kicking and physical performance.  We then develop a custom workout program tailored to your individual goals, weaknesses, physical condition, body type and specialty.

All custom programs include:

  • Performance Assessment Summary
  • Program Goals
  • Detailed Workout Plan
  • Video Demonstrations of each Exercise
  • Support (skype, facetime, phone or email)
  • 3-Month Progress Evaluation (3-month programs only)

Choose from:

  • 12 Sessions – $150
    (3 days/week – 1 month)
  • 36 Sessions – $325
    (3 days/week – 3 months)
  • 60 Sessions – $525
    (5 days/week – 3 months)

We highly recommend one of our 3 month programs as it takes 12 weeks for your muscles to respond, see results, and prepare your body for the next progression.