Virtual Training

Don’t let distance stand in the way of getting private kicking or punting instruction

Video Analysis

Don’t have a kicking coach nearby? A Video Analysis is a great alternative for getting valuable feedback on your kicking technique.  Send us video footage and we take it from there, breaking down your fundamentals and looking for areas of weakness.  We then prepare a professional video analysis with voice-over and on-screen markups – there’s nothing “generic” about the feedback we provide.  You can immediately apply what you’ve learned and expect to see great results. We offer both an in-depth analysis for $60 as well as a mini-analysis for $15, giving all kickers an opportunity to improve their kicking performance.

Want even more help improving your kicking technique?

Live Virtual Lessons

A Live Virtual Lesson is the recommended next step following the Video Analysis – it’s like we’re right there with you.  All you need is a front-facing camera and a pair of headphones.  We’ll observe your technique live and provide immediate feedback.  Instantly see how our instruction improves your performance.