Custom Workout Programs

You’ve taken the first step to improving your performance as a specialist!

Which package should you choose?

We highly recommend you choose one of our 3-month programs.  It takes 12 weeks for your muscles to respond, see results, and prepare your body for the next progression.  Want help deciding?  Contact Coach Muzz at 630-485-1512 or

12 sessions

3-days/week for 1 month

36 sessions

3-days/week for 3 months

60 sessions

5-days/week for 3 months

It all starts with a Performance Assessment

A Performance Assessment sets the foundation for your Custom Workout program.  After purchase of the workout program, you will be provided with a detailed video explaining how to conduct a self-evaluation of your kicking and physical performance.  We will review the results, discussing weaknesses and areas of focus. We will also set your performance goals for the program.

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