Kicking Lessons


Our kicking lessons focus on proper fundamentals and technique for kicking field goals, kickoffs and punts. Our student athletes often see major improvement in their first lesson.  For those aspiring to play at the college/pro level, we prepare the athlete to compete at National and Exposure Camps, such as Jamie Kohl’s.

Lessons include instruction, drills and comparative video analysis.  

  • 1-Hour Lesson – $120
  • 4 1-Hour Lesson Package – $460
When weather prevents outdoor training, indoor lessons are held at our 3-Step Fitness facility in St. Charles.  Indoor kicking nets allow for continued practice at top speed.

For beginner kickers. 
Up to 3 kickers per session.

Introduces element of competition.  Up to 3 kickers per session.

Sessions are booked on our Fitli booking site. You’ll need to create an account to complete booking.