Custom Workouts for Kickers, Punters, and Long Snappers

Specialists shouldn’t be doing the same workouts as the rest of the football team

We develop CUSTOM workout programs for individual athletes to improve overall performance

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How it Works


We Evaluate Your Fundamentals and Physical Performance


We Develop a CUSTOM Workout Program Based on Evaluation Results


You Work the Program and Meet Performance Goals

Get a CUSTOM workout program with virtual training
for less than $10 a session!

Custom Workout Programs from 3-Step Kicking

12 Sessions

(3 days/week for 1 month)

36 Sessions

(3 days/week for 3 months)

60 Sessions

(5 days/week for 3 months)

A CUSTOM program developed specifically for you

Every week, you’ll receive your detailed workout program for the week with video demonstrations of each exercise

We provide virtual support – it’s like having your own personal trainer right there with you

Which package should you choose? 

We highly recommend our 3-month programs.  Why?  It takes 12 weeks for your muscles to respond, see results, and prepare your body for the next progression.

It all starts with a Performance Assessment

The Performance Assessment sets the foundation for your Custom Workout program.  You will be provided with a detailed video explaining how to conduct a self-evaluation of your kicking and physical performance.  We will review the results, discussing weaknesses and areas of focus. We will also set your performance goals for the program.

Additional Benefits of our Custom Workout Programs

  • Developed by experienced college kicking coach/trainer degreed in Exercise Science
  • Set personal performance goals
  • Address weaknesses identified in Performance Assessment
  • Target kicking muscles
  • Improve flexibility, balance, speed, strength and agility
  • In gym or at home programs
  • Video demonstrations of each exercise
  • Virtual support
  • 3-month progress evaluation
  • Nutritional guidance


“The 3-month training program was rigorous, however the results were fantastic as I was able to add more mass, flexibility, and faster twitch muscles to my body. This essentially played a large role in my overall success this season and moving forward.”

Ryan Lambert, Kicker Punter
Mount Allison University, Canada


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Teaming up with other coaches to provide custom workout programs for their specialists

Interested in offering custom workout programs to your specialists? Contact Danny Muzzalupo for details