Football kicking camps


Designed for high school kickers aiming to play at the college level

Sunday, June 9, 2024
1:00 – 3:00 pm
Geneva High School Practice Fields
757-759 Gray Street
Geneva, IL

Why Attend a 3-Step Kicking Camp?

Danny Muzzalupo has been coaching kickers since 2013.  In that time he’s provided individual coaching to more than 100 kickers in the Midwest.   What makes Danny’s coaching approach unique is his focus on development.  He believes kicking is a science and regardless of whether you are a beginning kicker as young as 12 years old or an experienced college kicker, Danny applies his scientific approach to the kick and sees major improvements in kicking performance.

Danny’s coaching extends beyond kicking fundamentals. He focuses on the mental aspects of the game and provides strategies for maximizing performance under pressure. He also provides strength training options for developing the physical attributes needed to excel as a kicker.

You can get a good feel for Danny’s approach by attending a 3-Step Kicking camp.