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Get Serious About Kicking!

Whether you’re an established kicker or punter looking to improve your performance or a soccer player with a big boot, now you can learn what it takes to be a top-performing specialist at the high school and college level.

A 3-Step Process to perfect your performance

Excelling as a kicker or punter comes from more than just knowing how to kick.
We provide a 3-Step Process that strengthens the athlete Fundamentally, Physically, and Psychologically.

Our 3-Step Process works – our testimonials prove it!


STEP 1   Fundamentals Training

  • Private lessons tailored to the skill level of the athlete
  • Performance Evaluation provided free ($50 value) with first 2-hour private lesson
  • 2-Hour Private Lesson: $150
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We also offer group training sessions for a little added competition.

Not in the Chicagoland area?  No problem.
A Video Analysis is a great alternative for getting valuable feedback on your kicking technique.


STEP 2   Custom Workout Programs for Specialists

Specialists shouldn’t be doing the same workouts as the rest of the football team.
Now you can get a CUSTOM workout program to improve your performance.

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STEP 3   Mental Preparation

Even the best kickers and punters can fail without a strong, stable mind.
Learn how to handle the unique challenges you face as a specialist.


We offer flexible training options to improve performance on and off the field



Our Method Works

“My Freshman year kicking at Monmouth College would have been dramatically different if it were not for Dan. His knowledge of the position is extremely impressive. He gave me the tools to be extremely consistent. As well as the mental side of the game, which is often overlooked by most coaches. He always communicated clearly and efficiently. It was honestly a blast learning from him. I’m so thankful I had him as a coach playing my first year of college football.”

— Joey Biel, Monmouth College Kicker


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