Custom Workout Program – 12 Sessions



Package consists of 12 sessions and is designed for a 3-day/week 1-month workout program.  After you complete your purchase, we will contact you directly to get you started on your custom workout program.

This is a custom workout program designed specifically for you.  Every week, you’ll receive your detailed workout program for the week with video demonstrations of each exercise. We also provide virtual support – it’s like having your own personal trainer at a fraction of the cost. Additional benefits of our custom workout programs:

  • Developed by experienced college kicking coach/trainer degreed in Exercise Science
  • Set personal performance goals
  • Address weaknesses identified in Performance Assessment
  • Target kicking muscles
  • Improve flexibility, balance, speed, strength and agility
  • In gym or at home programs – work with equipment you own
  • Video demonstrations of each exercise
  • Virtual support
  • 3-month progress evaluation
  • Nutritional guidance

It all starts with a Performance Assessment*
The Performance Assessment sets the foundation for your Custom Workout program.  Upon purchase, you will be provided with a detailed video explaining how to conduct a self-evaluation of your kicking and physical performance.  We will review the results, discussing weaknesses and areas of focus. We will also set your performance goals for the program.

* All first-time purchases of a workout program require the purchase of a $25 Performance Assessment.

Have questions? 

Contact Coach Muzz at 630-485-1512 or